Eco-Link@BKE - BKE View 1
Eco-Link@BKE View 2
Eco-Link@BKE View 3
Eco-Link@BKE visualization 1 by SCLD
Eco-Link@BKE image by SCLD
Completed Bridge Facade with Signage
Long view of Eco-Link @ BKE with vegetation visible
Eco-Link @ BKE view across carriageway
Wildlife bridge with trees visible
Design Information & Studies
Long view of SketchUp model
SketchUp view of Eco-Link @ BKE
SketchUp view of the Eco-Link @ BKE
The first trees planting on the bridge
Cross section through the growing media
Gold-ringed Cat Snake
Oriental Whip Snake
The greening of the Eco-Link @ BKE
Planting on the Eco-Link @ BKE
Aerial Photos of Eco-Link @ BKE during construction
SketchUp aerial view of Eco-Link @ BKE
SketchUp view from carriageway
Signage on the Eco-Link @ BKE
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